Communications and Public Relations Committee

Provide communications support for the academy. Maintain and monitor the AVTA website. Answer all AVTA questions coming through the website.  Working with the Executive Secretary and President, answer communications and disseminate information  to the academy and the public.  Develop and distribute an AVTA newsletter.  Promote and maintain the academy's public image.

Kristin Cooley - Chair - Newsletter
Lynette DeGouff - Listserv
Sharon Johnston - Website

Conference Committee

Develop and produce anesthesia related continuing education programs for the academy.  Organize programs for various seminars by contacting and using AVTA members as speakers.  Set up all aspects of IVECCS yearly meeting and other meetings requiring academy presence.

Brenda Feller - Co-Chair
Kristen Cooley - Co-Chair
Kate Lafferty 

Constitution & By-Laws Committee

Review and adjust constitution and by-laws as needed.

Darci Palmer - Chair
Sharon Johnston

Credentials Committee

Provide information to prospective applicants.  Evaluate and certify eligibility of applicants requesting examination by the academy. Forward approved applications to the academy regents.

Kate Lafferty
Ellen LoMastro
Chris Norkus

Jessica Konzer - Chair
Jody Nugent-Deal
Jenn Sager

Becky Vaughan

Jessica Antonicic
Suzanne Huck
Ginny Nystrom
Trisha Roehling
Angie Sutton
Terry Torres

Heather Cruea
Kelli Gibbon
Emmet Mark

Credentials Sub-Committee - Lindsey Howard, Becky Vaughan, Darci Palmer.

Equipment Committee

To obtain and make available to the membership, information concerning new and improved anesthesia and monitoring equipment.  To work with the industry to facilitate information dissemination. To provide the membership with standards for care and maintenance of anesthesia and monitoring equipment.

Beverly Smith - Chair
Michelle McConnell

Examination Committee

Development and refinement of a question bank to be used in the certification exam process. Preparation, administration and grading of the exam. Establish the examination pass point.  Provide examinees with subject matter that will be covered on the upcoming examination. Monitor the written exam and administer an oral exam if required. Report to the regents the results of the certification exam and make recommendations based on the proposed passing point. Provide written summary of examinees' deficiencies in a letter of clarification through the Regents to individuals requesting that information following a failure to pass the exam.

Susan Burns - Chair
Lindsey Howard
Brenda Feller
Lynette DeGouff
Jessica Birdwell

Paula Hill
Darci Palmer
Roxanne Williams
April Simmons
Denise Prisk

Re-certification Committee

Develop, produce and execute therecertificationpacket for AVTA members. Members are required to recertify with a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education each five years. 

Jennifer Sager - Chair
Bethanne Walters
Rebecca Talbot